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This course represents years of my own learning, experimenting, teaching and practice with clients. I have prayed and sought inspiration while preparing this manual and this course. The scripts and information included are copyrighted, but I am giving them to you for your liberal personal use and use on clients, family, friends, and to facilitate group imagery sessions. I ask that you not make copies of the scripts or share with others who have not done this training, as they can have unexpected and adverse effects if they do not know how to properly facilitate them. You may make recordings of the scripts for yourself and for private use on clients, but if you are going to make a recording for public use or sale, please create your own script. After this training and enough practice, this should come easily to you. These scripts are meant to be starting points and to show you all that is possible in the world of imagery, but they are just the beginning. I thank you for your friendship and loyalty.